Kaki King

Music Video

Stop Motion Digital SLR

The lead single from Kaki’s new album, Dreaming Of Revenge. The video was made without film cameras — it consists of over 5,000 still photographs shot on Nikon D30s. There are no special effects; all of the light trails were created by hand, with up to eight individual “light animators” flashing LEDs and flashlights on and off over a long (8 second) shot exposure. Over 650,000 views on YouTube!

Check out some behind the scenes action here.

Concept / Production / Direction / Cinematography / Design / Editorial

Sonya Kitchell

Music Video


“Here to There”, the lead single from Sonya’s new album.


The Straitjacket Lottery

Film Trailer
Super 16mm — 22 min Short Film

When Boris Durban loses a busload of mental health patients, he’ll resort to any means to get them back. With the clock ticking, he tries desperately to recover the patients, but his attempts are foiled. So, in his compulsion to deliver, Boris decides to fill his quota by enticing some unsuspecting civilians onto the bus. A window into the erratic world of mental health and the thin line between idiosyncrasy and insanity.
Official Selection at over 25 international film festivals and winner of five festival awards.

Concept / Production / Direction / Cinematography / Design / Editorial

Fish Party

Stop Motion Sillyness

Digital Stills

Wanted to see what we could make in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette.  Editing took five minutes. We thought about putting an American Lung Association Logo on it and calling it a spec spot, but technically fish don’t have lungs.

Concept / Design / Editorial

Anniversary Present

Movie Trailer

Super 35mm — 8 min Short Film

A black comedy delving into the volatile emotionality of newlyweds. The film begins with a blissful wedding, but the young couple’s union explodes when a sudden fit of jealousy unhinges Sandra and Lonnie’s world. Generosity leads to spiteful reprisals as a metal-crushing, fire-spewing crescendo shows that mayhem can be an integral element in the high stakes of true love. Finished as a 5.1 surround sound anamorphic theatrical print, Anniversary Present is a frenetically paced, quixotic comedy.

Official Selection: Calgary International Film Festival (Calgary, AB)

Commissioned by Bravo! Network

Concept / Production / Direction / Cinematography / Design / Editor

Rustic Overtones

Music Video


“Letter to the President”, the lead singe from Rustics new album.


Ten for Grandpa


Trailer for Short Film

Super 35mm

David Karr: husband, father, White House press reporter, film producer, powerful millionaire, defense contractor, corporate CEO… Soviet agent? A fast-paced look at the life of a most influential ancestor.  Ten for Grandpa’s narrator tries to decipher if Grandpa was a manipulative antihero or simply a victim of a McCarthy witchhunt.


Sundance Film Festival
Stinkwater! Film Festival (Australia)
Sarasota Film Festival
RiverRun International Film Festival
Berkshire International Film Festival
Jacksonville Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
deadCENTER Film Festival
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
Nantucket Film Festival
Philadelphia Film Festival
Flickerings Film Showcase
Jersey Shore Film Festival
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
Holly Shorts Film Festival – WINNER:BEST DIRECTOR
Ballston Spa Film Festival
Washougal International Film Festival
Rooftop Films
Strasbourg International Film Festival – WINNER: BEST EDITING AWARD
Hawaii International Film Festival
Atlantic International Film Festival
Peachtree Village International Film Festival
Calgary International Film Festival
Raindance International Film Festival
Tacoma Film Festival
Vancouver International Film Festival
Chicago International Film Festival
Antimatter Film Festival
Hawaii International Film Festival
Savannah Film Festival
Williamstown Film Festival
Kerry International Film Festival
Rockport Film Festival
Asiana International Short Film Festival
Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival
Falstaff International Film Festival
Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
International Short Film Festival of Athens Psarokokalo
Spokane International Film Fest
Portland International Film Festival 
Washington DC International Film Festival
Toronto Jewish Film Festival 


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