CWCW heralded in the New Year with an impressive three-day shoot for RAGU and Nick @ Nite. Filming with two RED cameras, director Edward Boyce and executive producer Doug Karr lead a crew of 40 in producing 15 broadcast spots for television and online. The shoot took place at the beautiful HOME studios in Union Square, New York City, and features a talented group of actors portraying a family with an appetite for RAGU. Matriarch Michelle Concha brings a bright enthusiasm in guiding her family through tutorials on making the most of RAGU products. Steve Reich played the clueless Dad, who defers to his wife’s kitchen expertise. And Joelle Rosen and Dane Centiceros play Jennie and Max, children with big imaginations, musical ambitions, and a love for their mother’s cooking.

With elaborate dolly and jib shots on a two-camera RED setup, Boyce and Karr recruited a top-notch production team to guarantee a high-level product. Producer Katie Mustard and production supervisor Jamie Proctor brought a wealth of experience to the project, as well as production designer Amanda Ford and director of photography Doug Emmett. Navigating hundreds of complex shots with a limited production schedule, the Nick @ Nite/ RAGU campaign went off without a hitch.

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