LSD 25

16mm — 13min TV Documentary

A short experimental documentary tracing the cross Canada journey of Stephanie Preyde and the results of her over-ingestion of LSD. Dealing with her run-ins with police and mental institutions, LSD 25 is a true story of isolation, psychosis and lysergic acid diethylamide.

“East Coast filmmaker Doug Karr’s LSD 25 is an innovative freakadelic experimental documentary.”
— Craig Fischer, Film Threat

INTERNATIONAL TOURING PROGRAM – Antimatter Canadian short films, 2002 (England, Mexico, Czech Republic, Serbia)
JURY PRIZE WINNER – Brandon’s Thirty Below Film Festival, 2000
GRAND PRIZE WINNER – The Cabbagetown Film Festival, 1999

- The Worldwide Short Film Festival, (Toronto, ON)
- Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival (Toronto, ON)
- Antimatter Film Festival (Victoria, BC)
- The Atlantic Film Festival (Halifax, NS)
- Vancouver International Film Fest (Vancouver, BC)
- National Selon des Refuses (Toronto, ON)
- Going Down the Road (Halifax, NS)
- Canadian International Film and Video Festival (Barrie, ON)
- New Frontiers Film Festival (Ottawa, ON)
- $100 Film Festival (Calgary, AB)
- Fringe Flicks Festival (Edmonton, AB)
- Canadian International annual Film Festival (Campbell River, BC)
- Blinding Light (Vancouver, BC)
- AFCOOP 25th Anniversary Collection (Halifax, NS)
- Photophobia Film Festival (Hamilton, ON)
- Shadows of the Mind Film Festival (Toronto, ON)

Licensed by CBC Television, Atlantic Region

Concept / Production / Direction / Cinematography / Design / Editorial

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