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Narrative Feature Film

2009 Quarter Finalist – Annual Fade In Screenplay Awards


DWELLING is a thriller, inspired by true events, set in a Lower East Side apartment building where a vicious landlord plots to murder his rent-stabilized tenants. The modern-day tenement serves as a pressure cooker where culture, class and capitalism collide, forcing the interconnected tenants to fight for their futures and in some cases, their lives. DWELLING compels us to answer questions about many fading first-world realities that we’ve long taken for granted: community, success, stability.


Alan Cumming (X-Men 2, The Anniversary Party) as DORIAN
Danai Gurira (The Visitor, 3 Backyards) as STELLA

PRODUCERS: Edward Boyce, Jamie Proctor, Katie Mustard


For more info visit Dwelling’s Official Website

Concept / Production / Direction

Kaki King

Music Video

Stop Motion Digital SLR

The lead single from Kaki’s new album, Dreaming Of Revenge. The video was made without film cameras — it consists of over 5,000 still photographs shot on Nikon D30s. There are no special effects; all of the light trails were created by hand, with up to eight individual “light animators” flashing LEDs and flashlights on and off over a long (8 second) shot exposure. Over 650,000 views on YouTube!

Check out some behind the scenes action here.

Concept / Production / Direction / Cinematography / Design / Editorial

Another Screening for Ten for Grandpa!

On May 19th, Doug and Patrick from the Chop Wood team headed to the Cantor Film Center in Greenwich Village to attend a sold out screening of “Ten for Grandpa,” as part of “New York Shorts: Films Made In and About our City.”  During Doug’s Q&A session he fielded dozens of questions from the packed house.  After the screening, everyone continued to Amber, a West Village staple, for the after party to cap off a great night.

Behind the Scenes at the Ragu Shoot

Here’s a look into the shoot we recently completed with Ragu and Nick @ Nite!

Alan Cumming to Star in Lower East Side Indie, “Dwelling”

NEW YORK, NY, Feb, 2010- Alan Cumming just celebrated the launch of “Dwelling,” his latest independent feature project. A thriller inspired by true events, “Dwelling” is set in a Lower East Side apartment building where a vicious landlord plots to murder his rent-stabilized tenants. Shooting is set to commence in June, and Cumming will executive produce and star as Dorian, a philandering painter and long-time resident in the building. Introducing “Dwelling” as “an indigenous New York movie,” Cumming declared himself “a true Lower East Side boy” and praised the script’s depiction of his adopted hometown. Danai Gurira (“The Visitor”, “3 Backyards”) was also in attendance, and is set to play Stella, the polygamous second wife of the building’s superintendent.

“Dwelling” will be helmed by writer/director Doug Karr (“Ten for Grandpa”, Sundance ’09) and producers Katie Mustard, Edward Boyce and Jamie Proctor, for the production company Chop Wood Carry Water. Jonathan Gray is production counsel; Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee will cast the film.

The Playground

10 part dramatic series
In Development

When it comes to meeting women, life has rarely been as good for men as it is in New York City right now. Call it a side effect from women’s rights, the aftermath of Sex in the City or the weird merging of American Apparel advertising and mypace exhibitionism, but the girls play like the boys and the boys just keep playing. How do you find love when you’re a kid in a sexual candy shop. As our boys navigate the LES and Williamsburg, forgetting to commit or grow up, are their lives stunted or enviable?

Concept / Production / Direction / Cinematography / Design / Editorial

Circus in a Suitcase

13 part documentary series
In Development

The Incandescence troupe of international circus acrobats embarks on a rollicking adventure through the Far East. Sixteen gifted young performers pack up their show for an epic three month journey: ocean freighting their trapezes, costumes, sets, oversized puppets, fire machines, stilts and 600 seat big top tent. Their rolling convoy will  overland thousands of kilometers, performing for audiences from Kuala Lumpur to Cambodia. This series will uncover the inner workings of a modern-day circus.

Concept / Production / Direction / Cinematography / Design / Editorial


CWCW heralded in the New Year with an impressive three-day shoot for RAGU and Nick @ Nite. Filming with two RED cameras, director Edward Boyce and executive producer Doug Karr lead a crew of 40 in producing 15 broadcast spots for television and online. The shoot took place at the beautiful HOME studios in Union Square, New York City, and features a talented group of actors portraying a family with an appetite for RAGU. Matriarch Michelle Concha brings a bright enthusiasm in guiding her family through tutorials on making the most of RAGU products. Steve Reich played the clueless Dad, who defers to his wife’s kitchen expertise. And Joelle Rosen and Dane Centiceros play Jennie and Max, children with big imaginations, musical ambitions, and a love for their mother’s cooking.

With elaborate dolly and jib shots on a two-camera RED setup, Boyce and Karr recruited a top-notch production team to guarantee a high-level product. Producer Katie Mustard and production supervisor Jamie Proctor brought a wealth of experience to the project, as well as production designer Amanda Ford and director of photography Doug Emmett. Navigating hundreds of complex shots with a limited production schedule, the Nick @ Nite/ RAGU campaign went off without a hitch.

48 Film Festivals!

Ten for Grandpa has been accepted into 48 festivals around the globe! Click here for the complete list.