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Charter for Compassion
Ted Prize 2008

After Karen Armstrong won the 2008 TED prize they granted her one “wish”. She chose to launch The Charter for Compassion and the Council of Consciousness. TED hired us…

Design / Editorial

The Face of AIDS

Documentary Movie Trailer

DVCProHD — 33 min Short Film

ffa1The Face of Aids: Crisis in Malawi, a new documentary which explores the country’s appalling disregard for the rights of their infected female population.

Over 58 percent of Malawi’s population infected with HIV/ AIDS are women, and despite the
country’s commitment under international law to protect their rights, many violations continue
to accrue. Distributed by Choices.

Watch the full 33 minute documentary here or order a copy of the DVD from Choices.

Concept / Production / Direction / Cinematography / Design / Editorial

LSD 25

16mm — 13min TV Documentary

A short experimental documentary tracing the cross Canada journey of Stephanie Preyde and the results of her over-ingestion of LSD. Dealing with her run-ins with police and mental institutions, LSD 25 is a true story of isolation, psychosis and lysergic acid diethylamide.

“East Coast filmmaker Doug Karr’s LSD 25 is an innovative freakadelic experimental documentary.”
— Craig Fischer, Film Threat

INTERNATIONAL TOURING PROGRAM – Antimatter Canadian short films, 2002 (England, Mexico, Czech Republic, Serbia)
JURY PRIZE WINNER – Brandon’s Thirty Below Film Festival, 2000
GRAND PRIZE WINNER – The Cabbagetown Film Festival, 1999

- The Worldwide Short Film Festival, (Toronto, ON)
- Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival (Toronto, ON)
- Antimatter Film Festival (Victoria, BC)
- The Atlantic Film Festival (Halifax, NS)
- Vancouver International Film Fest (Vancouver, BC)
- National Selon des Refuses (Toronto, ON)
- Going Down the Road (Halifax, NS)
- Canadian International Film and Video Festival (Barrie, ON)
- New Frontiers Film Festival (Ottawa, ON)
- $100 Film Festival (Calgary, AB)
- Fringe Flicks Festival (Edmonton, AB)
- Canadian International annual Film Festival (Campbell River, BC)
- Blinding Light (Vancouver, BC)
- AFCOOP 25th Anniversary Collection (Halifax, NS)
- Photophobia Film Festival (Hamilton, ON)
- Shadows of the Mind Film Festival (Toronto, ON)

Licensed by CBC Television, Atlantic Region

Concept / Production / Direction / Cinematography / Design / Editorial

Lifecycles: A Story of AIDS in Malawi

Film Trailer
DVCAM — 52min TV Documentary

In a country where 200 die of AIDS every day, a new way of life is emerging. Lifecycles explores the themes of sex, witchcraft, poverty, death and religion in the face of AIDS. With a soulful soundtrack from Bobby McFerrin, the film was shot over eight months in country and encompasses both the depth and breadth of a culture under siege. Earnest and uplifted, the film uses the words of Malawians to reveal a nation for whom illness is mistaken for a witch’s spell and physical love is dangerous.

Concept / Production / Direction / Cinematography / Design / Editorial

June Bug Symphony

Film Trailer
Super16mm — 22min TV Doc.

The story of an eccentric elderly folk artist who makes the june bugs sing with a baby grand piano.

Winner of 2 international Film Festival Awards.

“Charming and delightful as only Nova Scotians can be.”
— Steve Cooke,
Halifax Chronicle Herald

Cinematography / Design / Editorial