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Stephen Colbert

Chop Wood helped The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and hold a live edit multi-camera HD press event which gave Stephen Colbert a fleeting chance to go back to high school.

[May 13, 2009]

Ten for Grandpa in 18 Film Festivals and Counting

Ten for Grandpa has been accepted into a total of eighteen festivals including Seattle Film Festival, CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, and many more!

[May 1, 2009]

Aspen Shortsfest 2009

Ten for Grandpa just won a Special Jury Recognition Award at Aspen Shortsfest 2009!


[April 6, 2009]

Nick @ Nite

Having completed Lopezadrine and Whole Lotta Lopez, we’re now working on our third broadcast campaign for Nick @ Nite.

[March 2, 2009]

More Fests!

Ten for Grandpa” has been officially selected to screen at the Stinkwater! International Short Film Festival, Aspen Shortsfest!, RiverRun International Film Festival, and Sarasota Film Festival!

[February 27, 2009]

Back from Sundance

We’re back from Sundance, where “Ten for Grandpa” received a tremendous response. Our producers Heather and Eddie blogged about our adventures here , here, and here.

[Jan 26, 2009]


Chop Wood Carry Water is overjoyed to announce that our short film “Ten for Grandpa” has been accepted into the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Written and directed by Doug, produced by Eddie, and co-produced by Jamie. Thanks to Eli for the great trailer, our amazing cast and crew, and our partners at Torch-Head!

[December 8, 2008]

Eye in the Sky

Eddie and Doug did their first Manhattan helicopter shoot, filming from the sky for a collaboration with Real Estate Arts.

[October 28, 2008]

Vitamin Water

We just produced and shot (and will edit) a series of Internet videos for Vitaminwater.

[October 15, 2008]

Entertainment Tonight!

Our broadcast spot for the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation starring Jamie Lee Curtis debuted on Entertainment Tonight.

[September 9, 2008]

Sonya Kitchell Video Shoot

We just wrapped production on Sonya Kitchell’s newest music video: “Here to There”. Directed by Eddie, produced by Doug and Jamie, shot by Guy Godfree and edited by Eli. Thanks to Sonya, Velour and our amazing crew!


[August 20, 2008]

Sonya Kitchell’s “Every Drop”

We’ve completed editorial on Sonya Kitchell’s “Every Drop” video. Up next we’re producing and directing Sonya’s “Here to There” video in late August. We’ll shoot in August, once she’s finished touring with Herbie Hancock in support of his Grammy Award-winning album “River: The Joni Letters”.

[July 28, 2008]

Rustic Overtones

We directed a great little video for Rustic Overtones.

[March 5, 2008]

Jamie Lee Curtis

We finished editing a PSA for the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation, starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

[July 25, 2008]

The Philharmonic and Gary Hustwit

We’ve been shooting the New York Philharmonic for a project directed by Gary Hustwit (“Helvetica”). Filming on stage in the middle of a symphony orchestra is an awesome perk.

[July 16, 2008]

Mark Kondracki

The score for our Bravo! short “Ten For Grandpa” is complete. Thanks to composer Mark Kondracki for his rich, orchestral composition.

[June 19, 2008]

The Lunchbox Fund

We just launched a new PSA we produced and directed for the Lunchbox Fund, which provides disadvantaged South African schoolchildren with school lunches. It features Billy Crudup, Piper Perabo, and Mario Batali.

[May 22, 2008]



Our spot for Playtex Bras debuted on the front page of YouTube, and was viewed 1.2 million times in a single day!

[May 11, 2008]

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hired us to help with production coordination for a documentary they’re producing.

[March 23, 2008]

Kaki King’s “Pull Me Out Alive”

Our music video “Pull Me Out Alive” for Kaki King had it’s world premiere on the front page of YouTube, garnering over 400,000 hits in just 24 hours.


[March 11, 2008]

“Anniversary Present” on the Best of Raindance DVD

“Anniversary Present” will be included in the Best of 15th Raindance Film Festival Shorts DVD.


[February 22, 2008]

“Anniversary Present” going to Sarasota!

“Anniversary Present” was accepted to the 2008 Sarasota Film Festival.

[February 20, 2008]

Kaki King in Stop Motion

We’re in production on a new video for Kaki King. We’re doing the entire project in stop motion with long exposures and light-writing. Guy Godfree is coming down from Toronto to be our DOP.

[January 30, 2008]

“The Face of AIDS” going to Big Muddy & Women’s International Film Festivals

The Face of AIDS” was accepted to the Big Muddy Film Festival and the Women’s International Film Festival.

[January 15, 2008]